Carshalton-Craft Business The Most Popular Ways to Accept Donations Online

The Most Popular Ways to Accept Donations Online

Charitable organizations, schools, colleges, and universities need a continuous inflow of funds to sponsor socio-developmental works and other humanitarian activities. The regular source of income via dues received from members or enrollment and Companies with Online Donation Requests course fees is not enough to fund such extensive programs. For this, they need to organize fundraising campaigns to collect funds from external sources – donors. Organizing donation collection offline means you have to book a place, arrange for the necessary equipments or resources needed to manage the campaign smoothly, and hire additional staff to supervise the entire process. Many organizations, especially the ones which are not doing so well, get sleepless nights just thinking about how to make all the ends meet.

In such situations, an online donation collection process seems far more cost-effective and user-friendly. Any organization can use such online processes to collect funds easily and quickly. It is a convenient interface to accept donations provided you know the best ways of executing such a strategy.

Using Websites

The most obvious way is to accept contributions via your organization’s website. You can add a “Donate Now” button on the left or right side of your home page; plus on all other web pages to increase the chances of collecting funds from interested individuals. Many organizations also design a separate fundraising webpage requesting potential donors from all over the world to check out their micro-site and contribute towards the cause.

Online Payment Processing

You can access the online payment solution along with the donation collection platform as it comes integrated with the system. Such a solution allows you to easily collect donations using a range of online payment options – credit cards, PayPal, and such other standard payment gateways. People, especially the global audience, can send you funds almost instantly using these online modes; hence you get the opportunity to collect maximum contributions if you decide to explore online payment systems as a medium.

Social Networking Websites

It is an excellent way to spread the news of your upcoming fundraising event; plus it promotes your online donation collection link and interested individuals can click on the same to lend their financial support to your social cause. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and a host of such other sites can be used to post event related information, images, relevant links for sharing the same with millions of users who get the opportunity to like, comment and share the same on their respective profile pages.

Accept Donations via Mobile Phones

In modern times, an increasing trend of collecting donations is through the usage of mobile phones. With regard to this year’s U.S. Presidential Election, Barrack Obama has already announced of accepting campaign contributions via text messages. You will get to hear about “text-to-give” campaigns and the keywords and codes on radio, on television, and read about it on social media sites and while browsing through different websites. You just need to type the text and the code that is shown to transfer the donation amount to the respective organization’s account.

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